About Us

A major procurement agent, supplier, manufacturer, distributor and knowledge center for electrical, electronic and industrial products.  We have a variety of products on our online store, with more and more new products getting added each day. 

We have supplies that are more relevant to industries like switchgear manufacturers, marine industries, airports, refinery and rigs, oil & gas industries, construction sites, power and electrical distribution companies, metals industries, testing labs, etc.

Apart from that we are a B2B sourcing partner for small and medium sized SMEs. You can rely on us for all your sourcing requirements.

Our engineers will support you with technical guidance and will assist in selecting the right product  for your projects.

Our Vendors are trusted names in the industry and can be relied on for all kind of aftersales services.  

Our range of products


Power Suppliers

Lighting Products

Electronic Components

Industrial Electrical Solutions

Project Kits, PCB and Circuit Board

Solar Products

How to contact us

Visit us on www.controlshack.com and place your orders online or request for a quote or solution by writing to us on sales@controlshack.com