Solar Panels

Working on this 

 Details: Normal

1. Power  

2. Input voltage

3. Output voltage

4. Phase

5. Frequency

Details:  If Three phase

6.  Input / output connection

7. Vector group

Details:  If with Enclosure

8. IP rating

9. Mounting type

10. Colour of Enclosure (RAL)

Details:  Type of Construction

11. Dry Type / Oil type/ Cast Resin type

12. Insulation class

13 Temperature class

Details:  Cooling Type

14. Transformer cooling:  AN / ONAN/ AF

Details:  Special requirements

15. Terminal types

16. Tapes & Switches



A.  Routine Factory testing (free of Cost)

B.  Special design tests   (Chargeable third party)




All type of certification are chargeable & have to design in accordance with the guideline of certification authority.  For all certification requirements must be informed before design process

Size, ratings and price of the product may varies depends on certification.


Kindly Check with us for available certification, Certification subjects to products specifications


Documents Supplied with products

1. Invoice & Delivery order

Other Documents (for the products Price below AED: 500 chargeable @ AED 2/ - page)

1. Test Certificate (factory), 2. Drawings 3. Operation Manual 4. Warranty certificate (if applicable)



Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Monocrystalline Solar Panel


AED0.00 Ex Tax: AED0.00

Solar Panels - Amorphous Silicon

Solar Panels - Amorphous Silicon


AED0.00 Ex Tax: AED0.00

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