UPS & Inverters

  • 28 Mar 2018

UPS & Inverters

What are UPS & Inverter?

UPS can be defined as a power provider that comprises a battery which helps to continue power when power cut is there whereas Inverter is an electronic gadget which is used to provide supply by converting DC into AC.


Square wave inverters and pure sine wave inverters

Pin Identification

A positive (+) terminal

A negative (-) terminal



Time lag- 3-8 milliseconds

Voltage: 220V

Size- equal to 2kVA


Time lag-500 milliseconds


Size-equal to 16kVA


a. UPS can be used for houses, offices and commercial or for industrial use due to its double conversion system.

b. Inverter is used for normal lighting at homes or offices. Another very common use of inverter is in fuel cells, as they also produce DC power which later needs to be converted to AC for use in electronic equipment.

c. Bigger inverters find their diverse uses in solar panels as well, as the solar panels produce DC, which then needs to be converted to AC by the help of inverters.


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