DC-to-DC Converters

What are DC to DC converters?

A DC to DC converter is an electronic circuit or electro mechanical device that converts a source of direct current from one voltage level to another. It is a type of electric power converter. Power levels range from very low to very high.          


Isolated and non-isolated DC to DC converters

Pin Identification

A positive (+) terminal

A negative (-) terminal




a. . DC to DC converters are used in portable electronic devices such as cellular phones and laptop computers, which are supplied with power from batteries primarily.

b. Most DC to DC converter circuits also regulate the output voltage. Some exceptions include high-efficiency LED power sources, which are a kind of DC to DC converter that regulates the current through the LEDs, and simple charger pumps which double or triple the output voltage.

c. DC to DC converters developed to maximize the energy harvest for photovoltaic systems and for wind turbines are called power optimizers.

d. Transformers used for voltage conversion at mains frequencies of 50-60Hz must be large and heavy for powers exceeding a few watts.


Available Values in Market

1.8V 600MA,3.3V 0.6A,3.3V 50MA,3.3V 1.5A,3.6V 650MA,6V 600MA,6V 1.2A,6V 2A,3.6V 1A,6V 650MA,3.3V 1A,1.8V 1A

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