IC 555 Timer Circuits and applications

  • 28 Mar 2018

IC 555 Basics

IC 555 is one of the most commonly used timer circuit IC, hart of many hobby circuit and it have a widespread application in electronic gadgets and circuits. Here we  note some useful application notes and circuits to help electronics hobbyist, circuit developers and students.

The 555 is named, so because two comparator of this ic is connected with 5K resistance as a voltage divider to bias the comparator.

Pin configuration of IC 555

Pin No. 1         :  Ground

Pin No. 2         : Trigger (output go high when voltage reach 1/3 Volt )

Pin No. 3         : Output

Pin No. 4         : Reset

Pin No. 5         : Control voltage (this latch output go low)

Pin No. 6        : Threshold ( Output go lo when voltage reach 2/3 Volt)

Pin No. 7        : Discharge  ( It will connected to ground when output low)

Pin No. 8        : Supply voltage (range + 4.5 Volt to + 16 Volt

IC 555 Timer with LDR

IC 555 Timer connected with a LDR, The Resistance variation of LDR depends on intensity of light makes the variation of frequency.


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