Three Phase Power Transformers

What is a three phase transformer?

A three phase transformer is constructed by winding three single phase transformers on a single core. It has a three legged iron core. Each leg has a respective primary and secondary winding.


Open and Dry type

Pin identification

Primary (normally high voltage) winding on inner side and thin wires with high resistance.

Secondary (normally low voltage) winding normally on inner side with very low resistance.


Power range: 350VA-600KVA

Voltage range: Any input and output voltage

Frequency range: 50Hz, 60Hz, 50/60Hz and 400Hz

Phase: Three phase


a. Three phase transformers are more economical for supplying large loads and large power distribution. Even though most of the utilization equipments are connected by the single phase transformers, these are not preferred for large power distribution in the aspect of economy.

b. The three phase power is used in almost all fields of electrical power systems such as power generation, transmission and distribution sectors, also all the industrial sectors are supplied or connected with three phase systems. Therefore, to decrease or increase the voltages in three phase systems, three phase transformers are used.

c. As compared with the single phase transformer, there are numerous advantages with 3 phase transformer such as smaller and lighter to construct for the same power handling capacity, better operating characteristics, etc.


Open and enclosed transformers with different IP ratings and mounting are available.


Check label on transformer name plate

Available values in market

Availability by power: 350VA,500VA,750VA,1000VA,2000VA,3KVA,6KVA,10KVA,15KVA,30KVA,45KVA,50KVA,75KVA,112.5KVA,150KVA,225KVA,300KVA,450KVA,500KVA,600KVA

Availability by voltage:

Primary- 208VAC,230VAC,240VAC,416VAC,440VAC,460VAC,480VAC,550VAC,575VAC, 600VAC

Secondary- 220VAC,230VAC,240VAC,347VAC,460VAC,480VAC,600VAC,208Y/120VAC,230Y/120,230Y/133VAC,240Y/139,460Y/266,480Y/277

Availability by frequency: 50Hz,60Hz,50/60Hz and 400Hz

Three Phase Transformer

Three Phase Transformer

Three phase transformer, Open type, For a detailed product guide refer Specification TapFor Dat..

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