Step-down Transformers

What is a step down transformer?

A transformer in which output voltage is less than its input voltage is called a step-down transformer. The number of turns on the primary winding is greater than the turns on secondary winding of the transformer.


Open and Dry type

Pin identification

Primary (high voltage) winding has more no. of turns

Secondary (low voltage) winding has less no. of turns


Power range: 10VA-333KVA

Voltage range: Any input and output voltage

Frequency range: 50Hz, 60Hz, 50/60Hz & 400Hz

Phase: Single


a. The step down transformer is used to provide the low voltage value which is suitable for electronics supplying. It transforms home voltage (230/120V) from primary to a low voltage on secondary side which is used for the electronic supplying.

b. The daily used battery chargers also use step-down transformer in its design.

c. The step-down transformers have a very important function in power system. They lower the voltage level and adapt it for energy consumers.


Open and enclosed transformers with different IP ratings and mounting are available.


Available values in market

Availability by power: 25VA,50VA,100VA,150VA,200VA,350VA,500VA,750VA,1000VA,1500VA,2000VA3KVA,5KVA,7.5KVA,10KVA,15KVA,25KVA,37.5KVA,50KVA,75KVA,100KVA,150KVA,200KVA,250KVA,333KVA

Availability by voltage:

Primary- 208VAC,240VAC,277VAC,347VAC,416VAC,480VAC,600VAC,120/240VAC,208/416VAC,240/480VAC,347/380VAC

Secondary- 12VAC, 24VAC, 120VAC, 240VAC, 12/24VAC, 16/32VAC,120/240VAC

Frequency range: 60Hz, 50/60Hz

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