High Voltage Transformers

What is a high voltage transformer?

Transformers are normally used in high voltage laboratory for testing purpose. This transformer is subjected to transient voltages and surges. To withstand these impulse voltages, the insulation of transformer is carefully designed. This type of transformer is generally oil immersed. The high voltage transformers used for HT cable testing purpose are to supply also sufficient electric current and that is why the cooling system of these transformers is very carefully designed. 

Up to voltage 500 KV, generally single unit of high voltage transformer is used. But for higher voltage rating more than one transformer, are connected in cascade to produce required high voltage


Open and dry type

Pin identification

Primary (normally high voltage) winding on inner side and thin wires with high resistance.

Secondary (normally low voltage) winding normally on inner side with very low resistance.


Power range: 4KVA-10KVA

Voltage range: Any input and output voltage

Frequency range: 50Hz, 60Hz, 50/60Hz & 400Hz

Phase: Single


a. High voltage transformer are used for general high voltage circuits, weapons, health, neon signs and many other high voltage circuits.


Open and enclosed transformers with different IP ratings and mounting are available.


Available values in market

Availability by power: 4KV~10KV


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