Auto Transformers

What is an auto transformer?

An auto transformer consists of only one winding, and part of it acts as a secondary winding. It is smaller, lighter and cheaper than the dual winding transformer and also possesses lower leakage reactance, higher efficiency, good power quality and less copper requirements.


Step up auto transformer, step-down auto transformer, variable auto transformer, column and round type auto transformer

Pin identification

Primary and secondary share a common winding.


Power range: 4KVA-250KVA                                                                      

Voltage range: Output voltage- 0-290V, Input voltage- 220/230/240

Frequency range: 50Hz, 60Hz, 50/60Hz

Phase: single phase


a. Autotransformers are frequently used in power applications to interconnect systems operating at different voltage classes. On long rural power distribution lines, special auto transformers with automatic tap changing equipment are inserted as voltage regulators, so that costumers at the far end of the line receive the same average voltage as those closer to the source.

b. In audio applications, tapped autotransformers are used to adapt speakers to constant-voltage audio distribution systems, and for impedance matching such as between a low impedance microphone and a high-impedance amplifier input.

c. Autotransformers can be used as a method of soft starting induction motors.


Open and enclosed transformers with different IP ratings and mounting are available.


Available values in market

Availability by power: 4KVA,5KVA,6KVA,7.5KVA,9KVA,10KVA,12KVA,13KVA,15KVA,20KVA,25KVA,30KVA,37.5KVA,45KVA,50KVA,75KVA,100KVA,125KVA,150KVA,220KVA,225KVA,250KVA

Availability by voltage:

Primary-120VAC, 208VAC, 220VAC, 230VAC, 240VAC, 347VAC, 440VAC, 480VAC, 575VAC, 600VAC

Secondary-110VAC, 120VAC, 208VAC, 220VAC, 230VAC, 240VAC, 347VAC, 480VAC

Availability by frequency: 50Hz and 60Hz


Variac Single Phase Transformer 10 AMP

Variac Single Phase Transformer 10 AMP

Variac is an Auto Transformer its voltage can be controlled with a manual nob, Input connection thro..

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