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What is bridge rectifier?

A bridge rectifier is an arrangement of four or more diodes in a bridge circuit configuration to efficiently convert AC to DC.


Uncontrolled bridge rectifiers and controlled bridge rectifiers.

Pin identification


+ Positive output

- Negative output

~ Two opposite ends denotes AC input


Maximum repetitive peak reverse voltage: 1000V

Maximum RMS voltage: 700V

Maximum DC blocking voltage: 1000V

Maximum average forward rectified current: 3A


a. Because of their low cost compared to center tapped they are widely used in power supply circuit.

b. This can be used to detect the amplitude of modulated radio signals.

c. Bridge rectifiers can be used to supply polarized voltage in welding.

Diode identification


Black- 0, Brown- 1, Red- 2, Orange- 3, Yellow- 4, Green- 5, Blue- 6, Violet- 7, Gray- 8, White- 9, Gold- +/-5% tolerance, Silver- +/-10% tolerance

Red,red,black              1N220              Yellow,brown,red                  1N412

Brown,red,brown        1N121              Green,black,red                    1N502

Black,red,orange        1N023              Brown,red,brown,gold          1N121, +/-5%

Red,red,red                 1N222              Red,red,red,silver                  1N222, +/-10%

Black,orange,orange  1N033              Green,black,red,silver            1N502, +/-10%

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Bridge Rectifiers

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